Flippety Floppety Tutorial

I see a ton of the these sandal remakes all over Pinterest, so I finally decided to tackle one (or in this case, two) of my own. I neglected to take photos of my first pair during the process, but here is the finished product.

ImageThey are okay to wear, still have not gotten used to a plastic flip flop being so comfortable. But those sandals wrap around the ankle a time or two which is nice for the secure feeling.

Now the second pair, that is a completely different story, I wanted simple little slip-on sandals that were still as comfortable. Sadly, the fabric I used would not flatten out and came out looking at the underside of the fabric.

On with the tutorial.

You will need a new pair if cheap flip flops, scissors, one half yard of fabric, scissors, and a hot glue gun. Once you have all that collected start by cutting the original straps off so the shoes look like this.

ImageNext, you will need to measure two strip of your fabric. 55 inches by 2 inches.


ImageAfter you have the two strips, the rest gets hot and simple. You need to start by folding your first strip in half, making that halfway part into a point. 

ImageNext, you need to pull that middle point through the top hole in the sandal. And glue it into place.

ImageNow, on the top of the sandal tie your remaining fabric into three basic knots on top of each other. At first they will look short and stout, but after the third knot your can pull the fabric and it will stretch out the knots  to look like this.

ImageNext you want to pull the two edges through the two holes that will be at the arch of your foot. Once that is done, you will want to fit it to your foot like so. (I apologize for the dirty kitchen floor and the horrible nail polish remains.)

ImageAfter that, you will tie into a knot on the bottom of the sandal. Pull the knot tight and small as to not get the feeling of walking on rocks. When done, glue into place.

ImageWhen I started this project, I had no idea I would have so much extra fabric from each shoe.

ImageI cut off the scraps and have not decided where to use them yet. But, I assure you they will have a function to serve. Your finished product should look like this.

ImageI hope you had fun with this. The project taught me just how much patience is needed when dealing with a hot glue gun and stretchy fabric. Luckily only a couple finger tips felt the burn. I am determined to only get better with the more projects I do. So, look for more to come. Thank you for the challenge.












~ by skibelebe91 on August 8, 2012.

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